Friday, January 2, 2009

Here We Go Magic

GorillavsBear (through my bro) just turned me on to the wonderful Here We Go Magic, a band that is based in Brooklyn and scheduled to play at SxSW this spring! Oh, South-by, how I miss the years when I had a Spring Break and you were my destination...

Anyway, the whole self-titled album is very...ethereal, which I've been really into lately through the likes of Horsefeathers and Bon Iver, though these two bands go towards folky and Magic is much more post-modern... ethereal post-modern rock, yes, that's it! Kind of like they wish to take you away with the wind of their instruments and emotional melodies that still hold a strong beat. On their Myspace, they list sounding like, "Joyful, we hope," which I think pretty much sums it up. I adore music that is joyful. It makes life so wonderful, and lifts even the darkest of days.

Apparently, the creator of Here We Go Magic is a man by the name of Luke Temple, and the whole album was recorded by Luke at his Brooklyn home using analog synths, a cassette 4-track, and an SM-57 mic. It's due in February, right in time for the tour. Here We Go Magic also has a Daytrotter session coming up in March, according to Myspace, which I hotly anticipate.

The band plays on February 15 at Southpaw in Brooklyn, which I will be sure to check out...right after I check out Beirut on February 4th at BAM. What?! That's right! Woot!


CataLina said...

nice blog!!!
happy new year!!!

Lizzie said...

Thanks, Catalina! Happy New Year, too!

S. Ray said...

I adore Here We Go Magic, and wish I could go to SxSW to see them, too!