Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scavenger Hunt!

If only I had the money to afford this guy:

Apartment Has Scavenger Hunt Built Into It

Have I ever mentioned my fascination with puzzles? Puzzles of all kinds? Jigsaw puzzle, word puzzles, cryptograms, jumbles, word searches, crosswords, even the "newer" sudoku; they all entice me to no end. I've been told by my parents that I have always been this way, from when I was 4, sitting in my mother's lap while she worked on the family vacation puzzle and I reached out and snapped a piece in place. Or maybe even from when I was 3 and snipped off the hair at the end of all my cats' tails because "it just looked cleaner that way" (or maybe that was just my "scissor phase"...) I have always loved organization, putting things in the correct order, always being able to find things, knowing exactly what the answer and facts are to any question asked. Though, on the other hand, my mother once quipped that "someone wouldn't be able to tell my strong organizational skills by the state of [my] bedroom in high school...". It's almost as if I'm more in need of my mind to be extremely, systematically organized (not the world) and only then can I be content with everything around me being in disarray and chaos. Words, numbers, shapes... I feel like these things exist more in my mind that the real world. I get a great sense of accomplishment every time I correctly think of a word in a crossword, or get such a sense of relief when two puzzle pieces slide perfectly together. Each one of these achievements makes me want to go on to the next and the next, always trying to finish just one more puzzle.

Now if only I could clean that room...