Friday, March 28, 2008

Astrology & The NY Post

It's become a habit of mine to check my horoscope on everyday, not because I'm infatuated with Rupert Murdock or Page Six, but rather because their lovely astrologist Sally Brompton is nearly 91.5% right in her predictions (at least as they apply to my life and my father's). Who knew something so accurate could come from the gossip and rumor newspaper of the century?

My astrological curiousity comes from a place deep inside myself where I still am a science geek to the core as well as a mystic yogi. Perhaps this is exactly where my love for scifi comes from. Some people may get upset when I compare astrology to scifi, but for me they're very closely related. Both are forms of art based in fact that then stretch into the unknown, only hoping that the things they merely believe in will come to fruition and be proved true. This is exactly where I stand in life, with my feet planted firmly on the ground but with my head in the stars. After all, I am an Aquarius, always wishing to stay completely in control of her own destiny yet not lose the freedom to live a diverse and exotic life (as a mystic geek!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Half-Marathon Training

I've been training for the New Jersey Marathon for the past 2 months and I'm getting up there in how many miles I'm running per day. Tonight, I'll be running 5 miles, and will be up to 13 miles for the week! Running outside in Brooklyn is a big treat, especially in a neighborhood like Carroll Gardens to Brooklyn Heights. I get to look into wonderfully decorated brownstones, see what new restaurants have opened in the area and really appreciate the diversity of the borough. The elevation is a bitch, but always fullfilling when I'm done. The only problem I have is constantly trying to lengthen my distance without going too far into unknown areas (hence the loop around Brooklyn Heights).

The marathon is on May 4th in Long Branch, NJ and everyone is welcome to come and offer support (as in carrying me home afterwards!) :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Brooklyn Restaurant Week

Everyone's talking about it! Brooklyn Restaurant Week is finally here and I'm extremely exciting. Dozens of places in my wonderful neighborhood of Carroll Gardens (including other areas of Brooklyn) will be hosting $23 prix-fixe for all of this week, and I plan to stuff myself silly. Alma, a wonderful tex-mex restaurant in Red Hook, will hopefully be my first stop. With a pool table in the lobby and a roof-top patio that in such a delight in the summer time, I'll be close to heaven.

Friday, March 21, 2008

First Post!

Yay! Just a quick note as I'm still getting this blog up.

Hi! I'm Liz, 23 and living in Brooklyn/Manhattan, NY (I sleep in Brooklyn but find myself in the city most of the time). I love awesome music, great books, super friends and uber movies (to name a few). The title of this blog comes from Eddie Izzard's stand-up Glorious, the iTunes edition specifically, which labels one of the chapters as "The Tyranny of Ducks". It's wonderful. The photo used for the banner is one I took while on the Aegean Sea in November '05.

So, anyway, check back soon! I'll be updating semi-regularly.