Monday, July 21, 2008

Stress Is My Friend...?

In just the past few days, my stress levels have tripled. Money, rent, the past craning its little neck into my present, poking around and generally frustrating the hell out of me... It's alot to handle at once. Never the less, there is something to be said about being put into a very demanding situation and then being able to work your way out of it, learning from it, and making the future more stable. For me, it's like coming upon a very steep hill while running. During the climb, it's so terrible and you wonder if you'll even make it to the top, yet when you're there and the ground levels out again (or even slopes downward!), you feel so accomplished, you get to rest for a few minutes and then, something wonderful happens... a sudden surge of energy comes on to continue running, to push farther, even beyond that terrible hill that you thought would be the end of you. :) It's fabulous.

The catch is (there's always a catch...) trying to remember that wonderful feeling that will eventually come while you're in the mists of that uphill battle.


Fortunately for me, too, I have some amazing people in my life to support me and help lift me above the turmoil. I really can't thank them enough.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer in Brooklyn

I find that the hardest part of updating this blog is the fact that I don't have internet at my house. Now, I know what you're thinking: "she's attempting to blog and she doesn't even have the necessary tools to do it with, mainly tool #1, THE INTERNET?" But, in my defense, I do feel that my life is much more substantial NOT have access to the WWW at my house. Just like TV, it is such an addiction of mine that I'm sure I'd get even less done after work than I already do. I'm hoping with the sincerest hopes that when I move (very, very soon, I think) that I can convince my new roommate to do away with TV, as well.

So, enough of my excuse making...

BROOKLYN: My Lovely Home

I've been spending a lot more time lately hoping the L and G trains into other areas of Brooklyn, and hanging out in the E Williamsburg/Bushwick/Greenpoint general area, and in general, feeling much more apart of my generation than I ever had in the past few month. Perhaps this is because I've been living with Papa Fras for over a year now, and living with a parent can get quite...generic after awhile. I always seem to have the same evenings with my dad: text about dinner, I go running, he turns on the Yankees game, we order Thai food when I return, and then have casual chitchat until it's bedtime. Not a terrible existence at all, but I do find that when I am hanging out with people my own age, in the wonderfully eclectic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY, there is always that tangible feeling of "what else could I do tonight?" Especially in the summer time, when the streets of New York (boroughs and all) are teeming with energy and rowdy/rambunctious/lazy-lounging feelings. We hang, in the most literal sense of the word, on stoops and in courtyards, backyards and rooftops, fire escapes and ledges, sitting on curbs or wandering from bar to bar on the cement sidewalks, avoiding broken glass and cigarette butts that litter the ground. Brooklyn in the summer is an urban paradise (my paradise, to be more specific. I'm sure there are many people who would find it hot, dirty and thoroughly disgusting, but for me, it's just wonderful). And it's only JULY people! That means we're getting into those dog days of summer, where a cool, shaded backyard BBQ is about the most perfect event we can hope for.

Don't get me wrong from my earlier statement of only now feeling like a part of my generation; I've thoroughly enjoyed my youth in the city ever since the Fall of 2003 when I began studying at NYU. But it isn't until you completely remove your parents from the equation, or any form of parental guidance, begin to support yourself thoroughly, and live REAL life, that one can truly feel like they are a part of a specific culture, trapped in time. This may also be because I'm deep in the belly of my generation's art scene (photo, music and eclectic-ness), which always lends itself to feeling unique.

In all, its been one wonderful summer. :0

Here are a few places I've been known to hang out at recently:

Duck Duck - E Williamsburg
Alma - Red Hook
68 Jay Street - DUMBO
Alligator Lounge - Williamsburg
Abilene - Carroll Gardens
Radegast Hall & Biergarten - Williamsburg