Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Noodle Pudding, Fiore, and Alligator Lounge

So, I have a few things to report on about Brooklyn today, all mainly having to do with food (consistantly #2 on my list of Life Passions, just below an ever changing #1 [lately, it's been split between photography, laughing, sleeping, running, Brooklyn... alright, a lot of different things). The first has to do with italian food in this fair borough, and the second with FREE pizza for every beer you buy (I'm reluctant to tell you the name of this place!).

Last night, after a few great, free rounds of pool at Superfine with my dad and his friends, we ventured over to a little restuarant in Brooklyn Heights called Noodle Pudding . Now, I have been hearing a great deal of buzz surrounding this place from a few very reliable sources, but I have to say, it was really nothing to write home about. Perhaps my palate for italian food is just way pass refined (...I'm trying hard not to brag here), but I do have the experience of living with an italian family in Florence, Italy for 4 month, as well as a passion for cooking italian food that rivals Mario Batali. So, having said this, my experience at Noodle Pudding last night was less than perfect. I ordered the linguini con molluschi e gamberi, believing that the true test of any italian restaurant is homemade pasta in a simple ragu and, in general, it was a fine dish, but here's were the refinement comes in. Wonderful italian food has, I believe, a surprise to it, a twist of some kind, perfection that is unexpected, something added to the sauce or the pasta that wakes up the tastebuds and makes you say "wow, this is amazing". I didn't find this at Noodle Pudding. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the clams were fresh, but the shrimp was a bit overcook and the sauce was... plain. ALSO, my side of broccoli con aglio e olio was just plain bland; I mean, come on, that's at least something a true italian restaurant should get right. Well, even if I don't like it, Marty Markowitz likes this place a lot (we spotted him in the back, enjoying his fettucini and gabbing as he does). Let's give it a 3 out of 5 for effort. If you'd like a recommendation for really wonderful italian restaurant in Brooklyn, I'd suggest Fiore (Picture One, c/o Citysearch), located near the G Metropolitan / L Lorimer stop in Williamsburg. I had the exact same dish there 3 weeks ago and it was fabulous. Not to mention quaint, cozy and has authentically beautiful italian waiters :) 5 of 5!

::room for a deep breath:: wow, that was an intense review. On to lighter ground!

Ever wish that when a place said FREE, they actually mean it? Or if they did, that it was at least something you were interested in? Well, please come on over to Alligator Lounge (Picture Two, c/o, where the drinks are cold, the pizza is free and a game of pool is still $1 (I was at a place in the city last friday, and it was $2.50! Who are these people kidding?). Granted, the pizza is not at the standards of my beloved Grimaldi's, but it's tasty, garlicy and, well, free (with the purchase of a beer, but that's implied, isn't it?) Again, it's right off of the L/G Lorimer stop (I really love this area), and they actually had a decent amount of seating room, so you don't have to show up at 5pm for a great table (though I do because I love it). Enjoy!

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SARAHSPY said...

$2.50 is very silly for a game of pool.

and the BK restaurant reviews are appreciated!