Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm so sorry, blog! (re: Semi-Precious Weapons, Beirut and Running)

Oh blog, how I have mistreated thee...

There has just been so much going on, I haven't had the chance to update you lately!

I finished my Half-Marathon in 2hr and 25min (not bad at all, I feel, considering it's a personal best in all areas!), and my friends and I are going to start training for the Philly Half that's happening in November. Very exciting, all this running. Now, if only it would stop raining so I could run outside again...

A sudden change of plans Saturday night lead me to a very grungy club on the west side of Manhattan called Don Hill's (a place I had actually been to once before on a random night sophomore year when we felt like dancing...), and to a 6-ft transvestite singer who proceeded to rock my world. The group is called Semi-Precious Weapons, and I'm an official fan. Crass, obtrusive, and a complete bitch, Justin Tranter (Just Tranter, as my good friend Nina nicknamed him) took over the presence of this dingy, dank cave of a venue, and got everyone up on their feet and swearing out loud with him. The oddest/most wonderful thing about the whole performance was the audience, which ranged from preppy boys and nerdy girls, to half-dressed emo chicks and skinny hipster boys; a veritable cornucopia of the youth in NYC. They were all freaking out, and I couldn't help but join in. I'd like to thank my friend Dan for this one, who kept saying SPW were like a cross between early Nirvana and a more modern indie group that slips the mind at the moment (sorry!). All in all, a satisfying night, especially that grandma style pizza at Ben's at 3am (mmmm...)

I wanted to end with a link to La Blogotheque's page on Beirut, whom I love to death. How such a powerful voice can come from such a skinny boy, I will never know. If you haven't seen these videos, your life is not complete yet. So wonderfully creative, fulfilling and stirring, you'll want to go out and do something insanely epic right afterwards. Unfortunately, it looks like from their website that the group has come to an exhaustive point in trying to "be all/do all" creatively and are taking a break for awhile. I'm kicking myself now for not seeing that they were playing a show this past Saturday in Williamsburg.

Wait, Saturday? So, I would have then missed Semi-Precious Weapons... Very interesting how life works.

:: Hoping to post again before June... ::

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