Monday, July 21, 2008

Stress Is My Friend...?

In just the past few days, my stress levels have tripled. Money, rent, the past craning its little neck into my present, poking around and generally frustrating the hell out of me... It's alot to handle at once. Never the less, there is something to be said about being put into a very demanding situation and then being able to work your way out of it, learning from it, and making the future more stable. For me, it's like coming upon a very steep hill while running. During the climb, it's so terrible and you wonder if you'll even make it to the top, yet when you're there and the ground levels out again (or even slopes downward!), you feel so accomplished, you get to rest for a few minutes and then, something wonderful happens... a sudden surge of energy comes on to continue running, to push farther, even beyond that terrible hill that you thought would be the end of you. :) It's fabulous.

The catch is (there's always a catch...) trying to remember that wonderful feeling that will eventually come while you're in the mists of that uphill battle.


Fortunately for me, too, I have some amazing people in my life to support me and help lift me above the turmoil. I really can't thank them enough.

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