Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sound of Marching Feet : Top 25 Albums of 2008

David Vandervelde -- Waiting for the Sunrise, #20 out of 25 at The Sound of Marching Feet .
For all of you music lovers out there, I'd like to point you to my brother's blog, The Sound of Marching Feet, where he has compiled his Top 25 Albums of 2008. Now, this is not your momma's everyday "Top 25" list. You will find no Beyonce or Kanye, no Britney Spears simply because she made a come-back this year. Not even a HINT of Coldplay. No, this list of albums stays mainly to the unknown, unheard, truly fresh and new albums from 2008. Some bands will seem familiar to some of you, but other bands are still trying to get themselves heard; to prove themselves to the judgemental crowds of independent music listeners that they're worthy of their time and devotional. Now, I do not agree with ALL of the selections my brother has on this list (mostly because I have not heard of atleast 6 of the bands), but that's exactly why I always love his choices, and why I will always look forward to this list at the end of the year. His ear has turned me on to so many amazing bands in the past (including bands like the Bowerbirds and Fruit Bats), that I don't have a problem looking at this list and seeing, say, Grails at #5 and taking a listen just to experiment. Try it yourself! I guarantee you'll find something new that you will love.


Jen said...

Wonderful post, Lizzie! Please tell your brother that I agree with him almost 100%, except for the absence of Bon Iver! How, how could he not include this amazing album?!

Lizzie said...

Ah, Jen, see "For Emma, Ages Ago" was actually released in 2007, and then REreleased in 2008, so many people have the album on their "Best of" this year. On one hand, I'm a bit technical and feel it should be considered a 2007 album and not be included in the tallies for 2008, yet on the other hand, Justin Verner needs SOME HUGE recognition for his beautiful album and would not get it otherwise if this album was not in the running now. In the end, perhaps it is the year that the album had the most impact on people that it should be said to come from.

Thanks for reading!

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