Monday, January 5, 2009

Magazines and the Dodo?

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I found out today that one of my friends was let go from her job as an Associate Photo Editor. Such a bummer. It's just about the hardest thing in the world to be an artist during an economic recession, because alot of what artists create are luxury items and not essential to life (you don't REALLY need to commission that panting of your dog to survive, do you?), so a good amount of really talented artists are pushed under the table during this time.

Searching around the internet to see just HOW bad the artistic employment opportunity was right now, I came across this list of the Top 9 Predictions for 2009 from, a site started by two young women who simply aspired to be Editors of magazines by 2010. Actually, I wonder how they are doing... The list revolves around where print and online publications will be headed in 2009 (unfortunately, some are oh so close to seeing the Dodo).

These are simply written by someone in the business, who has been around the block a time or two, and I think they hold greatly true to the times.

What artists are NOT being hurt by the economic recession? I'd say MUSICIANS, most definitely. Everyone loves a wonderful melody, and it's very voyeuristic (meditative, even). We are allowed take a moment away from the stresses of life and believe in love and life again (or, atleast that's how the music I listen to makes me feel :) Who else? Thank god the internet, the medium in which I work now a-days. We're just rolling along because, guess what, it's free!!!

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jeff f said...

Word on the musician front. It never costs too much to see a band and there is always a bar. On that front, bartenders must be doing well right now, huh? Maybe I should change jobs.