Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Lizzie Linking to in Brooklyn?

a bright day in brooklyn, originally created by 6161810 reports on the controversial Walentas Dock Street project, which got its first okay yesterday with a 30-7 vote. Bye-bye beautiful Brooklyn Bridge view if this goes through!

I'm extremely excited about the Brooklyn Flea Winter Antique Market that has opened in DUMBO! Located in the ground floor store at the corner of Front and Washington street, the market will be open for 12 weekends (starting last weekend).

BushwickBK reports on what REALLY makes a vintage store cool (i.e. - clueless-ness!)

If you have not see Fifty People, One Question yet, please please do. Happy, sad, bittersweet and uplifting, fifty Brooklynites were asked the question, "Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?"

Head over to for their new section titled One in 8 Million that will explore a unique story from a different New Yorker each week. It's GORGEOUS. Finally, the NY Times is using this medium in the right way with wonderful photography and crisp audio recordings. Sensationally satisfying!!

My wonderful father, founder and owner of the Brooklyn Stained Glass Conservation Center, was featured in an article in the Brooklyn Eagle for his wonderful craftsmanship in reconstructing the 7 stained glass windows that were blown out of the Bay Ridge church on August 8, 2007. Remember that terrible storm that flooded all of the subways lines? Yup, that's the one. which also created Brooklyn's first recorded tornado that touched down in Bay Ridge and subsequently destroyed all 7 windows in the church. Work from a single digital image taken some time in the mid 90s, my father recreated the windows (including a 23 foot chancellor window) from scratch, using only his own artistic skills to get the job done.

Ciao Ciao!

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