Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Love Language: a Tuesday Surprise

From the Love Language myspace. Photo credited to David Remer.

Band: The Love Language
Label: Bladen County Records
Band Members:
Stuart McLamb (electric guitar, vocals), Jordan McLamb (acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals), Junis Beefmonth (electric guitar, vocals), Missy Thangs (keyboard, vocals), Joshua Pope (bass guitar), Kate Thompson (organ), Thomas Simpson (drum kit).

I often find out about new music through suggestions on blog, free mp3 downloads, friends, relatives and just the general crawling of myspace. Most often, everything leaves me bored and restless, and I end up going back to my iTunes or old favs on Myspace for the rest of the day to satisfy my musical bug. But then, sometimes, you find those small gems that make you oh so happy your obsessed with the internet.

I just spent the majority of my Tuesday listening to the Love Language as I plugged away at work, and I am now officially hooked! More, more. more is all I want. I think 230 Publicity had it right when they said the Love Language, "...sounds like a Phil Spector recording employing the reverb of the Walkman and the aesthetic of the early 90’s lo fi movement, ala Guided By Voices and Sebadoh." Sweet, smooth yet gritty and soothing while it makes your toe tap to the catchy rhythms.

The band was started by Stu McLamb who, after a strong bout of alcoholism and arrests for disorderly conduct, landed him in solitary confinement with his wrists and ankles bound, life at a crossroads. I guess something like that can really smack some sense into a person, because McLamb then moved back in with his folks, sobered up, and started writing and recording the songs that would one day be The Love Language. Recorded completely on his own (which seems to be a recurring theme in music I fall in love with now a days), McLamb's CD was passed around until it ended up in the hands of the Rosebuds and they asked him to open for their fall tour (a quick scramble around to for a 6 person band, and the answer was YES), and the rest is now history (or, history in the making). The Rosebuds tour is now over, so we will just have to wait and see what's in store next for these guys.

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