Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lizzie Heads to SxSW

Austin Summer Afternoon, created by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

It's official: Lizzie is headed to Austin for SxSW!

After a lot of, "I can't, it's too much money, too much time off, too much I would have to do before hand, so impossible..." (basic, pure whining on my part), it finally kicked in a few days ago that I LOVE SxSW, haven't been to the event in over 3 years, and that I'm in desperate need of some warm weather, amazing music ALL day long (for 4 days straight), and some uber company that I normally only get to see but 2 times a year (I'm originally from Austin, TX, so I have many people down there that I miss on a regular basis). And so, I shuffled around my work schedule, found a $250 roundtrip ticket to Dallas, and arranged for some rides from some AMAZING friends (and brother) all to get me to Austin on the 14th!!

Keep your eyes peeled! If I'm not too giddy from the day (and night's) events, I will consistently be updating this thing with lovely SxSW action.


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