Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Lizzie Linking To? 04/17/09

Church in Rome, Italy. Image courtesy of Elizabeth Fraser Photography.

**NYC Grid stumbled upon images his grandfather had taken in NYC over 40 years ago, and proceeded to trek to each location to take an up-to-date version of the same shot, at the same angle. Check it out! 1961 vs 2009.
*New restaurant Tandem in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is having its grand opening tonight!!!
*Want to know which common processed food are vegan-friendly? Check out I Can't Believe It's Vegan, brought to you by PETA.
*Photosmashing wishes for more hats and gloves, please! Dittos to that.
*FiPS reports on the possibility of Mint coming to Park Slope, stealing business from Zip Car.
*"One of the best things to do in this city as a cartoonist is to get on the subway and draw," - George O'Connor, NYC Graphic Novelists.
*The Anti 9-to-5 reports on the worst possible Freelance Scams out there.
*Who's parent gives them an old childhood psych evaluation 17 years later? This guy's parent does.

From 1967's Hustlers, Beats and Others by Ned Polsky:
[Beats] resent any label whatever, and regard a concern with labelling as basically square. But insofar as they speak of themselves generically and are forced to choose among evils, they prefer the word "beat." Until recently "hipster" meant simply aone who is hip, roughly the equivalent of the beat. Beats recognized that the hipster is more of an "operator"--has a more consciously patterned ifestyle (such as a concern to dress well) and makes more frequent economic raids on the frontiers of the square world--but emphasized their social bonds with hipsters, such as their liking for drugs, for jazz music, and above all, their common scorn for bourgeois career orientations. Among Village beats today, however, "hipster" usually has a pejorative connotation: one who is a mannered showoff regarding his hipness, who "comes on"" too strongly in hiptalk, etc. In their own eyes, beats are hip but are definitely not hipsters.

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