Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Andrew Bird @ Hiro Ballroom

I can't even describe how wonderful the Andrew Bird show was at the Hiro Ballroom this Monday. Having never been to Hiro before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I never could have imagined it would be so intimate of a setting.  The stage was only about 3 feet off of the ground, and felt more like a friendly lofty living room than a venue, and the sound held up so well!  There was laughter through technical difficulties and jokes from the audience [that Andrew couldn't help but hear, even laughing in the middle of a song (see Tables & Chairs in the link below)], and Andrew confessing at one point that he hadn't seen his band in ages and wanted to add a song to the playlist, just to keep going (which he did!)  Like the silly photographer I am, I didn't have a digital camera with me, so all I have to show for it are these "artsy" cell phone pictures. I was so close, Andrew Bird could have bonked my nose with his mallet while playing his Glockenspiel. :)

For many videos that people took, look here to YouTube. In the video of Oh No, at the very beginning there is giggling coming from the audience...unfortunately, that was me...haha. You can even hear it in the Fake Palindromes video, and the guy was at least 6 feet away from me! How embarrassing...

He played tons of new songs from his new album, my favorite being Anonanimal (which, unfortunately, no one has posted a video for yet). Definitely a bit of swooning going on (hence the giggles), on my part. How could I not? Give me a guy who whistles, plays violin, and wears a three-piece suit and I'm theirs.

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Danny said...

nice post. I like the picture with the microphone and the lens flare the best.