Friday, October 10, 2008

Bushwick, Brooklyn

From . Urban Jungle Vintage store on 120 Knickerbocker Street.
Ah, my new home (since Aug 1st). I could ramble on and on about Bushwick (it's ups and downs, ins and outs), but I'm really just interested in pointing everyone to if you live in the area. This site is awesome, and makes me want to explore the neighborhood even more (and in a safe, well informed way). Something I didn't know about (and that I'm really looking forward to) is the Urban Jungle Vintage store on Knickerbocker. Or even the junk shop on Starr, right by Los Hermanos, the best taco stand in Bushwick. For more info on all, look at the business map here from BushwickBK. Give them all a try!

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