Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin Sighting!

I'm at a conference for work in Virginia, at the Lansdowne Golf Resort to be exact, and I just had my first official sighting of Sarah Palin! Apparently she gave a live speech near by in Virginia earlier today and was just held up in our hotel over night. Funny thing, all of my whole company was trapped in the bar area last night because she was schedules to walk by that particular club house and they didn't want us drunkenly leaving the bar and harassing her. "Poor us" for having to stick with open bar for a bit longer. She also had her whole entourage of children staying with her (baby missing, though), who all came pouring out of the elevator when she reached the lobby floor. It's a very odd experience to (1) see a political figure in real life (or a political celebrity, as is her case), and (2) to eat your breakfast next to 6 secret service men, because you always think they're just about to jump up and run to her defense.

Exciting conference so far :)

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