Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update (finally)!

In an attempt to post EVERYTHING I've been trying to get up here (but have, unfortunately, keep getting interrupted before it is ever finished), I will do a quick break down of music and venues I've been to lately. Enjoy!

What's Lizzie Seeing : In a Heartbeat

Who: River City Rebels -- the craziest mix of guys I've seen on stage together in awhile. Lead: drunk, jolly biker. Keyboardist: misplaced Alberta Cross member. Drum: too dark in the back to tell. Bassist (our friend Pat): preppy, skinny, and has a nice smile.
Where: The Trash Bar -- FUN. Pool. Eclectic with car chairs to lounge in and Christmas lights on the ceiling (oh, such a staple in Brooklyn). Grungy, but lots of fun.

Who: Alberta Cross -- as if SoundGarden tried to find their southern roots. Always a wonderful show, and climbing the charts. They just left to open for Oasis in the UK, so good luck to them!!
Where: The Mercury Lounge -- I've always loved the Mercury Lounge (we also saw Semi Precious Weapons about 2 weeks ago, which was AMAZING as usual). It's packed in the skinny bar area, but you almost always see the band members of the act you've just seen hanging out with the locales and fans. Watch out for their Long Island Iced Tea -- it's deadly!!

Who: John Vanderslice -- I love Mr. Vanderslice, but at this particular concert he wasn't that amazing. Perhaps it was because the space we saw him at had just opened (literally, that night), or that he was playing all by himself (voice and acoustic guitar were all the sounds envolved), but yes, not an overally impressive night by Vanderslice. But DO check him out in the future, because is recording are superb. In fact, at the show he mentioned how he had been challenged to record 24 new sounds in a year, and was up to 18 (I think that was the break down), so we should be seeing wonderful things from him soon!
Where: 92yTribeca -- Fun, new, interesting, Tribeca. I don't know, I don't go to that part of the city that often, but if it were the right band, I would definitely return. The sound was decent and the spumante lovely (though they changed glass sizes later in the evening; what's up with that?)

Who: Sydney Wayser -- This girl is so, so, so LOVELY! A bit Laura Marling, a bit like Fiest, it's very, very moving and truely beautiful live. I stumbled upon Sydney last night at the Living Room, and it was such a wonderful surprise. Very stirring :) Check her out!
Where: The Living Room -- My friends have played at this venue before, and I generally like it. It's right smack dab in the middle of all the other venues in the LES, so the location is great if the music is over and you want to check out some more. It's very cozy, too; intimate, especially with Sydney like above. Thumbs up!

More to come!

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