Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Anti-Oxidant' Video Salon @ Northeast Kingdom

Marissa Nadler - Famous Blue Raincoat from Greg Eggebeen on Vimeo.

In my little corner of Bushwick, we have this wonderful restaurant called Northeast Kingdom, and for awhile now, it was the only reason that young, hip adults of Brooklyn to venture over to the Jefferson stop on the L. Like a little bubble in this otherwise fairly non-gentrified neighborhood, Northeast Kingdom serves a variety of exquisitely produced comfort foods, all compiled from local and organic farms. They also have lovely beers on tap (like Allagash, a personal favorite for the summer). It takes all of 3 minutes to settle into Northeast Kingdom and feel like you are in a wooden lodge somewhere far away from Brooklyn, eating food cooked by your cheek-pinching grandmother as you converse with long-lost friends.

So, how does this relate to Greg Eggebeen's video done to Marissa Nadler's cover of Famous Blue Raincoat? Well, according to BushwickBK (my fav Bushwick website), Northeast Kingdom hosts (randomly, really) an event called the 'Anti-Oxidant' video salon, and it has only been getting better and better. The event has really taken shape since local artist Christina Medina has taken over, and this weeks videos were all centered around local music (hence Marissa Nadler!) Man, oh man, if Eggebeen's video is any representation of the caliber of art being show at these events, I will NOT miss the next one on February 11th. It's beautiful, flowing and haunting yet still lovingly nostalgic. Eggebeen did an amazing job of capturing the subtle emotions at play behind Nadler's cover.

Other videos/artists showcased that night:
Opening video by Fritz Donnely.
Drew and the Medicinal Pens (who performed live afterwards!)
Matthew Dunehoo (formally of Baby Teardrops)
Ryan Power of Burlington, Vermont

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