Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change :) GO OBAMA!

Barack Obama, created by Joe Crimmings Photography

I am a huge Obama Family fan (that's right, not just the Barack, but Michelle, Malia and Sasha) and today I was insanely verklempt to see that lovely African American First Family, all smiles and bounces in their steps, stand in front of the American country and say to us "thank you for giving us this opportunity".

I had to go into work today, and around 10am, my office set up a hi-def televsion in one of our conference rooms, and everyone gathered together with our laptops (to 'work' ) while we watched Biden and Obama swear in to office, and Obama give him speech, and I swear guys, I nearly bawled. Even during Yo-yo Ma (who I adore) and the poem about love (which was so new agey...but I like that haha), and Aretha Franklin (love the hat. seriously.), I was tearing up and going verklempt all over again. I was texting my brother, and my dad during the whole thing (who kept sending "goosebumps" over and over to me, until I asked if his phone was broken, and he responded, "No, lots of goosebumps."), and gmail chatting my friends... We were all 'together' for this amazing day.

The only down side? It has been a really hard day to work, knowing that America is on to some BIG changes. Some of my friends insist they will not celebrate Obama's presidency until they actually see some kind of change come from the white house and the hands of this young man. I agree that Obama has alot to prove, based on his own extensive promises and how Obama truely does need help from the citizens to make things happen (make things change).

For me, the change I'm excited about is how the spirit of a broken country can be healed, and how emotional rifts between different races, cultures and social class (well, maybe less of the last) can be repaired and we can once again have a strong and steady foundation for our country to grow from! I'm excited about knowing there is a person leading our country whom thinks of American citizens first, and not himself. I'm excited for change; I love change. Change has been my life, and I've leaved to embrace it because it allows you to expand your knowledge, intellect, tolerance and love for all things.

Oh, and did I mention I'm excited for Bush to be out of office? I think that this one fact is something out ENTIRE country can get behind and smile about!


ps - I'm becoming a HUGE fan of Joe Crimmings photos of Barack. So amazing!

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