Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Soda & Burlesque @ The Glasslands (Last Night)

Baby Soda @ The Grasslands Gallery.
Photo by Lizzie.

There seemed to be no better way to relax after a long days work yesterday than with some "hot" jazz music, wonderful Italian food, great friends, strong drinks, and of course, burlesque! This is what The Glasslands Gallery brought us last night for $10, and I think it was quite a wonderful deal: The Bearded Heart Cabaret and Dinner Theater Soiree. Baby Soda (see above), brought us down to the streets of New Orleans with some good-old-fashioned street-marchin' jazz music that you just had to swing your hips to, and then the lovely Coco La Pearl and Della Dare provided us with some slightly awkward but rambunctious and uproarious burlesque. We laughed, we cried, we drank much wine. It was lovely.

Soda Baby is playing again tonight at The Glasslands Gallery for their "Dancing Party" Debutantes and Suitors! Costumes required! Free beer from 10-11! I suggest everyone gets all fancy and comes on over!

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