Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Annie Clark (aka: St. Vincent)

So, it's not Monday, but I did want to add a few additional videos for this week, specifically of Annie Clark. Oh, how I love this lady. Clark's voice can bring you into a trance-like state of being, either soothing you to the bone (as in Marry Me), or make you wondering how such intense music can come from such a doe-eyed woman. She reminds you in the end to just breath, sit back, and listen, enjoy. If you know me personally, these videos will be nothing new (except for the last one that I recently found on shoottheplayer.com), but they're worth watching again.
Happy Tuesday :)

St. Vincent - These Days (DUMBO Session)

St. Vincent - Paris is Burning (DUMBO Session)

St Vincent: What Me Worry? from shoottheplayer.com on Vimeo.

Other Videos:
Black Cab Session: Dig A Pony
DUMBO Sessions: Your Lips are Red
La Bologotheque

For more information on St. Vincent, please visit the myspace, or Annie's blog, or their website (though, sadly, nothing has been updated in quite sometime). The newest bit of information I have seen is that St. Vincent plans to play a show on February 26th in San Francisco, California.

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