Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's Lizzie Linking to?

Uphill Climb, from the series Sweet Science, credited to Elizabeth Fraser Photography.

* New Yorker has decided on their top 12 Eustace covers from 2008, and gave the wonderful Banksy some love.
* Velo Brooklyn (Bushwick's lean, mean bike shop) gets profiled at BushwickBK (preview: it's owned by a young chick!)
* If you buy chicken from Murray's, you can now track where it came from and find out more about that local farm!
* BrooklynVegan reports on the Motel Motel show (amazing!) at Market Hotel. Definitely the band to look out for in 2009.
* Photosmashing makes me want to break out my Holga camera again.
* The beautiful, new site NYC Graphic has a chat with Dean Haspiel who is "Bleeding Hipster Ink".
* 25 Random Things (the Facebook chain letter), has taken over the internet. (
* Tell my brother to update his site.

Music Suggestions:
Passion Pit (electronic/pop), Sondre Lerche (pop/indie/dub), and The Depreciation Guild (pop/experimental).


Danny said...

ah jeez. i'm getting called out. i'm sick as a dog currently, but yeah it needs to be done.

Danny said...

also, I think I like your blog better than mine. time for a redesign. the big pictures are just so awesome. i need more space to breathe.

Lizzie said...

YES! You've been called out, and I feel like a redesign is always a great place to start. Simply accommodating my site for bigger pictures has influenced me to post more often (that, and that people are actually return for information, so I feel the need to not disappoint!) Spring cleaning!