Sunday, March 15, 2009

{SxSW} The Calm Blue Sea @ The Pure Volume House Party "Local Music is Sexy" (3.14.09)

Last night, began the "official" arrival of music for SxSW to Austin. True, the OFFICIAL official party does not begin until Wednesday, but bands and companies are all in town and itching to get things going. At about 9pm, my brother and I arrived at the Pure Volume House Party at 2nd and Trinity near the convention center, and stood in line for an absurdly long amount of time (really, only 2 people checking names?) to get into the free RSVP only party. The whole event was dubbed "Local Music is Sexy" and showcased bands originally from our own town of Austin, Tx. Our friends The Calm Blue Sea opened the night with a rockin' set, and the week long part officially began! Free Asahi beer all night? Well, why not?! Access to the nice green room bathroom (over all the port-0-potties) due to my lovely friends in the band: excellent. And a big screen inside of people tweeting about how lame the line outside was? Awesome! It was a wonderful way to start out the festival, though I did think it was pretty lame how far removed the larger mingling area was from the stage. It made it very uninteresting to treck over to the stage to see some new band to only treck again outside to talk with people, over and over. (I'll give the party a B). Check out their myspace to see all of the future shows these guys are playing at SxSW and don't miss the show on April 19th when the open for the Twilight Sad!

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