Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{SxSW} The Onion's Decider Party @ Mohawk's (featuring Low Line Caller, the Lemurs, Evangelicals and The Wooden Birds)

The Lemurs @ Mohawk's

Yesterday was just lovely here in Austin. After a pair of rainy, dreary days on Saturday and Sunday, the sun finally broke through and we reached a delightful 85 degrees! I couldn't help but spend every minute of my day outside, and started with a 5 mile run around Town Lake (originally intended to be 4 before I got lost for a bit), and then skipped over to South Congress where I went vintage shopping and indulged in some street photography. It was all so successful, I might have to put today on repeat! After this, and some lovely BBQ with friends at the County Line (some of the BEST in Austin, imo), tumbled my meat coma induced self over to Mohawk's for the Onion's Decider Party! Man, was the place crowded, and it was ONLY Monday of SxSW week. Pretty soon, just the STREETS will be as crowded as that venue last night.

I missed the first band (Low Line Callers), but was oh so happy to arrive in time for the Lemurs to come on (one of the best local bands around). Mitch Billeaud (lead vocal and guitar) is a sweetie and addresses the audience as if he were the host of the party, and had the responsibility of everyone having a good time on his shoulders (which I guess is how a band is supposed to feel, but rarely does anyone express it so sincerely like Mitch did last night). They rocked, basically, and made me dance in the small space I was occupying in the crowd. Next was Evangelicals, and they rocked, too, only in an INSANE way. Were the Lemurs turn towards a bit more pop rock (with twists of folkiness for the more intimidated), Evangelicals challenge their instruments to push the limits of sound, yet never SO much that I was ever annoyed by it. Ultimately, these two bands made a great pairing. The Wooden Birds (who played last) were completely out of place. I believe on another night, if I had seen them first I might have fallen head over heals, but to have a very subdued, folkish band come on after the ROCK we had just heard was a complete mind-fuck. I know there has been alot of chatter around the venues and blogs about this band, but just because they were the most popular, doesn't mean they still fit in going on stage after a completely different genre of music played before them. It just didn't work.

On a side note, Eugene Mirman was very hilarious, and despite the stupid brats heckling in the front row, did a great set.

Evangelicals @ Mohawk's . Photo credited to The Tyranny of Ducks

Eugene Mirman, giving out "gifts".

Can't wait for tomorrow! It's the official start...


lilbluthatcould said...

Funny, the night had a less negative effect on me, wondering the opposite as to why Mohawk booked those openers for the Wooden Birds. It's not the bands' fault that their sets didn't quite match. I thought the Wooden Birds were a relief to my ears and were actually one of the best bands of SXSW.

Lizzie said...


First, thanks for commenting,and second, I think we're basically in agreement here: Wooden Birds and Lemurs/Evangelicals do not mix well together. I don't have anything against the Wooden Birds (in fact, I wanted to see them tonight at Union Hall, but alas, I will not make it out), I just could not deal with them that night after enjoying the Lemurs so much (Evangelicals less, but still fun).