Thursday, March 19, 2009

{SxSW} Update: Wed and Thurs Shows

Hey all!! So, things have been a bit crazy, so no recent updates (as you might have noticed). In an attempt to give a quick read-through of yesterday (and what has happened today so far), here are some images and quick reviews!!

"HEALTH" is a rockin' band from LA, comprised of 4 high spirited guys who tear the hell out of their instruments. I really thought I was transported to some crazy Brooklyn basement party when I saw these guys today, when we simply had out backs to the bright sunlight streaming through the doors.

"King Khan and the Shrines" just destroyed me today at Bird's Barbershop on the East side of Austin. SO MUCH FUN! I felt like I was watching James Brown in his prime with even MORE funk thrown in there. Definitely a highlight for today (Thursday).

Oh, the lovely "Motel Motel" from my stomping grounds of Brooklyn, all the way in Austin! They played Paradise on Wednesday (seen here) and actually gathered a decent crowd! And as a note, it was 87 degrees this day, and that is why lead singer Eric is wearing a muscle shirt...I hope.

"Marnie Stern" plays the guitar like she was born with it in her hands. Never have I see a girl shred a guitar like this since Annie Clark (WHO I SAW IN PERSON TODAY on the stairs of the Parish, just hanging out. I swear, my brother almost proposed on the spot). But yes, Marnie. She rocks. Amazing girl.

"Here We Go Magic" @ Mohawk's on Wednesday. They did not disappoint! Very awesome live, and were all kinds of smiles to be on the Austin stage (and the media agreed, as you can see!)

"Paper Chase" @ Club DeVille on Wednesday. These guys were very interesting, and as a new listener, I think I might always prefer their live version (who knows what this kind of ENERGY sounds like through a recording).

The next two pictures are "Horse Feathers" @ Club DeVille on Wednesday!! If only Mohawk's next store have been quieter, this would have been an excellent set. But combine the fact that they had to follow up Paper Chase (super punky) and deal with ambient noise, the show was not the greatest, but I was still very happy to see these guys in person for the first time.

And, last but not least, "Thao and the Get Down Stay Down", which was the BEST for Wednesday! I'm a fan, from this point out.

I'm off to the Pure Volume party with friends (which has an open bar every night of SxSW, so a great place to "refuel") but I'll be back with more updates soon!

All images credited to The Tyranny of Ducks through Elizabeth Fraser Photography.

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