Friday, March 28, 2008

Astrology & The NY Post

It's become a habit of mine to check my horoscope on everyday, not because I'm infatuated with Rupert Murdock or Page Six, but rather because their lovely astrologist Sally Brompton is nearly 91.5% right in her predictions (at least as they apply to my life and my father's). Who knew something so accurate could come from the gossip and rumor newspaper of the century?

My astrological curiousity comes from a place deep inside myself where I still am a science geek to the core as well as a mystic yogi. Perhaps this is exactly where my love for scifi comes from. Some people may get upset when I compare astrology to scifi, but for me they're very closely related. Both are forms of art based in fact that then stretch into the unknown, only hoping that the things they merely believe in will come to fruition and be proved true. This is exactly where I stand in life, with my feet planted firmly on the ground but with my head in the stars. After all, I am an Aquarius, always wishing to stay completely in control of her own destiny yet not lose the freedom to live a diverse and exotic life (as a mystic geek!)

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